Reliability is an attribute of Agnishamak that consistently performs according to its specifications. We will satisfactorily perform the task for which it was designed or intended, for a specified time and in a specified environment


Flexibility in the Agnishamak is to make arrangements about working conditions that suit to you. Whatever changes are necessary to respond effectively to the changing environment, as quickly as possible


We follow-up for what the current status is and whether all has been done to increase the effectiveness of our service. Also AMC will include regular visit to your premises to check the working condition of the Fire Equipment / Devices Installed.

Agnishamak Services



-Installation and Commissioning of Public Address System.
-Supply and Installation of Fire Extinguishers.
-Refilling / Servicing / Repairing / Repainting / of Fire Extinguishers.
-Supply and Installation job of First Aid Swinging Hose Reel / Sprinkler System.
-Supply of all accessories / Spares / Items for Hydrant System.
-Operational, Comprehensive maintenance job of complete Fire Fighting System installed in high rise building.
-AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) of Fire Safety / Fighting / Protection Equipment.
-Suppliers of all types of latest fire safety equipment and spares.


  1. Analyzing the kind of Fire Safety Arrangements Required in your valuable premises.
  2. Based on that, we would give our recommendation on how can you protect your premises with the help of latest Fire Safety Equipment / Equipments.
  3. Installation of Required Fire Safety Equipments (We are Suppliers of all types of Latest Fire Safety Equipments).
  4. Demo/Training of how these Fire Safety Equipments works.
  5. AMC (Annual Maintenance of Fire Safety Equipments) that will include regular visit to your premises to check the working condition of the Fire Equipments / Devices Installed.
  6. Fire Safety Arrangements have become the basic necessity for MNC (Multi National Companies), Offices, Corporate, Schools, Colleges, Hotels, Shops, Restaurants, Gas Stations, Industries, High Rise Buildings, Societies, Homes / Houses, Multi Storey Buildings / Houses, Shopping Complex.